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This is the argument setup for the King County Trip Planner (

Similar systems can be seen in use with:

(These were found by a Bing search for the unusual string "resptype". Note that Google was completely worthless here.)

This system may be based on Ontira TripFinder.

My guess, based on the patterns I see, is that the developer offers a base package with a Perl interface that does server-side address resolution, and can do special cases on other systems (such as New Jersey's JSP and Minneapolis's ASP) with a map (like the one seen on TriMet), hence the latitude/longitude coordinate-based hidden inputs on the form seen here (and the client-side data entry on New Jersey).

The page submits this as a POST to (in the standard way for HTML forms, a URL-encoded body).


Example Query Arguments

Miscellaneous header data

  • action=entry
    • I don't know what this is about.
  • resptype=U
    • No idea- judging by the search results, this system appears to be the only software that uses the identifier "resptype" (excluding some undocumented code in some obscure system in OpenBSD, some recurring documentation that had no actual explanatory text or signifier as to what it was documenting, and a field in NTLM's client challenge code).
    • My guess is this signifies UTF-8 encoding for the response.
    • Interestingly, nothing happens if you leave it off or change it (in the itin_page URL).

Empty arguments

These were all specified but blank (or 0 in a couple cases). They're hidden inputs at the top of the form. No idea why these are still on the page, but some enlightenment as to their original/future usage can be found on the New Jersey and TriMet pages.

  • Time=
  • destx=
  • desty=
  • destloc=
  • destacode=
  • destlocid=0
  • origx=
  • origy=
  • origloc=
  • origacode=
  • origlocid=0

Displayed inputs

1. Where does your trip start?

  • Orig=Redmond+Transit+Center

2. Where does your trip end?

  • Dest=Bellevue+Transit+Center

3. When is your trip?

Trip date:

  • Date=1%2f24%2f10

(MM/DD/YY) (Note that ironically the server sends this defaulted to M/D/YY)

I want to

  • Arr=D
    • D = Leave my starting point (Depart)
    • A = Arrive at my destination (Arrive)

At (These default to the nearest (not next) 5-minute interval)

  • hour_time=05
  • minute_time=15
  • ampm_time=pm

4. What is the farthest you want to walk?

  • Walk=.50
    • .25 = "1/4 of a Mile"
    • .50 = "1/2 of a Mile" (the default)
    • .75 = "3/4 of a Mile"
    • 1.0 = "One Mile"

5. Which is the most important?

  • Min=T
    • T = Fastest Way
    • X = Fewest Transfers
    • W = Minimal Walking

6. Do you require an accessible trip?

  • Atr=Y
    • Only defined if checked (which it isn't be default)
  • Submit=Plan+Trip
    • stupid http forms always submit data for the submit element which you have to make to submit

Other interesting KCM stuff

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